CF Level 2 Coach
Jay Coach of CrossFit In Roswell

“I love seeing the lightbulb come on when a movement starts clicking. My life has changed for the better and yours can too!”

Jay began his CrossFit journey in April 2014. Since the beginning he considered coaching a “stretch goal” but something he would enjoy. He earned his Level 1 coaching certificate in March 2019 almost 5 years after his initial exposure to the methodology and now way of life. Five years later, in July 2023, Jay ‘leveled-up’ and earned his Level 2 coaching certificate, to keep growing his coaching skills and to help other coaches improve their ‘showing and seeing’ insights.

Jay admits he’s always been active but also found himself repeatedly on the “fitness roller coaster,” gaining and losing weight and strength. He never found anything he loved and stuck with. Jogging was boring, globo-gyms were a waste of precious time as a father and businessman with little of it to spare, and exercise videos were too easy to make excuses and too monotonous. He says the community that CrossFit Sweat Mountain fosters and the motivation and competition that the program fuels make it a never-ending need once you get the passion flowing. He loves being able to help people improve their movements and push themselves safely beyond what they think is possible.

Jay lives with his wife Katie and two kids in Roswell and is thankful for their support of his passion and for the full-time work-from-home career that allows him to step in and coach several early AM classes and sometimes in the evenings as well.