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    Is this a gym?

    Nope. We’re not a globo gym. You can’t come in here, put on your iPod, and do your own thing. We are a coaching facility for fitness-minded people and for athletes. You don’t pay us to use the equipment, you pay us to get results in your body and your mind. To do that, we all work out together and you get a lot of coaching. In a way, we’re like a sports team – except CrossFit is the sport of fitness.

    Aren’t you expensive?

    We are, if you think steak is expensive compared to hamburger. Tastes better though, doesn’t it? Worth it? You betcha.

    And, honestly, go tally up what a month of personal training sessions will cost you. 5 or 6 times a week for 4 weeks will run you over $2,000 if you hired a personal trainer at a local gym. Then come see us at a tiny fraction of that price – and get better results and have a better time. We’re actually really cheap for the service and results you receive. In fact, our prices should be even higher.

    Isn’t CrossFit dangerous?

    Yes, if you do it wrong. Just like brushing your teeth is dangerous if you stick the brush in your eye.

    That’s why we have coaching. Most people weren’t born knowing how to perform Olympic lifts. Someone needs to teach you how to do them correctly. We’re the people to do it. Check your pride at the door, listen to our instructions, and realize we are going to start you with the basics so you learn a strong foundation to perform more complex or heavy movements safely.

    Olympic Lifting? What’s that?

    The Snatch. The Clean and Jerk. That stuff you see strong guys do at the Olympics. It’s a lot of fun – and a lot of technique. It’ll develop your explosive power like nothing else. And it’s not just for Olympians. We have grandmas and nursing mothers do it, as well as big, strong guys. You can drop the weights at CrossFit Sweat Mountain. In fact, if your lift goes bad, we want you to drop the weight. That’s why we have rubber bumper plates. Your safety is the most important thing to us.

    Why only classes? Why can’t I come in whenever I want?

    Group workouts get better results. You’ll push yourself harder and have more fun in a group. Guaranteed.

    What are some of these abbreviations you use? What’s a WoD?

    WoD = Workout of the Day
    1RM = 1 Rep Max
    5×5 = 5 repetitions x 5 sets
    AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible
    EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute

    I’ve heard CrossFit is really hard. Is that true?

    Great fitness doesn’t come easy. But you’re not paying for easy.

    Does your gym workout right now leave you so gassed at the end that you have to lay down just to catch your breath? CrossFit will knock you flat. But that doesn’t mean you start at the hardest level. You start wherever you, in particular, should start. If you can only lift 10 pounds safely, then that’s where we start. And then we help you to get stronger. Got a real pull-up? Great, we’ll show you how to do more. Don’t have a pull-up? That’s even better. We’ll teach you how to get one – and we’ll get you strong enough to do one. No matter who you are. Women too.

    So does this mean you’re going to make me puke? I hear CrossFit makes you puke.

    Here’s the truth: That’s not our bag. Quite honestly, some gyms take pride in pushing their members until they puke – but we’re not one of them. Our goal is not to make you puke, but to help you learn to know your limits. Our goal is to make you test your limits, to help you see how far you can go, and then go farther. You’ll learn exactly how much CrossFit your body can handle.

    My gym says they have CrossFit classes, they just call it something else. Why should I come to you?

    If you want steak, come here. If you’re happy with hamburger, go to your gym. We’ve been trained in the CrossFit methods by all of the top CrossFit coaches. Our staff is highly educated in the science of athletic movement. We can pass that knowledge onto you. If you want that, come see us.

    What’s your monthly membership?

    Until you try CrossFit, that price is just not going to make sense. You can go look it up in the navigation, but, here’s the really weird thing about us – we don’t “sell” anything. Come in and try CrossFit for free and then walk out our door. Really. Go home and decide if you want to join. We’re not going to bug you. Just remember that price comparison between us and the globo gyms or whoever is comparing apples and oranges, ginger ale and Dom Perignon, so we just don’t do it. Instead, take a sip for free and decide for yourself. Think of it as a taste test.

    Why do you only offer “unlimited” memberships?

    CrossFit is recommended to be performed in a 3 day “on” and 1 day “off” cycle. It has recently been adapted to also accommodate a 5 day “on,” 2 day “off” schedule. It is our belief that 2 or 3-day per week packages only prevent you from accessing our training enough to truly reap the benefits.

    Do you offer childcare?

    At this time we don’t offer formal childcare, but we DO have space for your child(ren) to hang out, do homework or watch TV and entertain themselves (if they are safely able to) in an area separate from the workout space.

    How do I get started?

    During your first session one of our coaches will take you through our “warm-up” while observing you and determining your level of fitness. If you choose to become a member, you will be trained, according to your level of fitness, every time you walk in our door.

    All too often, and with the best of intentions, we join a globo gym with high expectations only to be left with no guidance, disappointment, discouragement and failure. We’ve heard ALL the stories and we know how to help you reach your health and fitness goals IF YOU ARE READY TO CHANGE!
    If you are looking for the “magic bullet” or the easy way out you won’t find it here, and we are happy to give you the phone number for a local globo gym. We will also direct you to local personal trainers who are happy to monitor mediocre progress in exchange for your cash.

    We are serious about health and fitness. If you are too, contact us, and we’ll sit down and talk it over. We promise you will not be exposed to any sales pitch, pressure nor deceit. You will receive some “tough love” regarding fitness. Our time and your time is at a premium. We love what we do and we want to be surrounded by like-minded, committed individuals who work hard and reap the rewards.


    We are a community that is inclusive of all ages and skillsets from beginners to experienced CrossFit athletes. We focus on helping people live healthier through exercise and nutrition. We have fun, we work hard, and our athletes are getting better every day. We have phenomenal trainers. We have supportive members. You don’t have to be in shape to start with us, you just need to show up and aim to be consistent. Join us, and you will experience the contagious CrossFit Sweat Mountain culture!

    Top-Rated Gym In Woodstock

    What do people say about us?

    • I travel often and I drop into CrossFit gyms while away from home. My drop in at CrossFit Sweat Mountain reminded me how much I love trying new gyms. The gym was clean, the coaches were awesome, and the athletes made me feel like I was part of the group. I’ll be back 🙂

      Kristen Elizabeth
    • Great owners, coaches and members. It is nice to workout with a group of people that all have a passion to see you succeed in everything that you do.

      Ryan Michael
    • Fantastic Box! Great supportive athletes to workout with. Clean and top-notch equipment. Coach Matt was awesome. Took the time to introduce me and coach me. Even ran 1/2 mile to make sure some of us didn’t get lost on the 2001m run. Would highly recommend coming here. I will definitely be back!

      John Burns
    • I joined CFSM just over 2 months ago, and from my “Trial Workout” to now I have never looked back. Workouts are difficult(as they should be), and everyone has been extremely welcoming from day one. In my short time so far I already see myself getting in much better shape. Matt and Kelly do a great job of creating an inviting and motivational environment to better yourself. I can’t recommend Crossfit Sweat Mountain enough!

      Spencer Benfield


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