Student Athletes

For ages 12 – 17, our program develops physical skills in an environment of community, accountability, teamwork, and responsibility. Each class gives teens time to focus on a harder skill or movement that either improves their coordination/balance or transfers over to more powerful lifts. We keep the workouts challenging not just to make teens more fit, but also to give them a sense of accomplishment. Working hard to get that first pull-up does amazing things for self-confidence. It also teaches teens how to have a positive attitude toward challenges.

What you get in every session plan


Each warmup builds to the workout and is written specifically for the day’s session so that teens’ muscles and joints are truly prepared for the work.


We give you the goals of the workout and the “why” behind the workout, along with the best class management strategies for that specific day.


Our programming is aligned with the developmental needs of teens, and each class includes two difficulty levels so that everyone is safe and appropriately challenged.


There is a warm down every day so that everyone has time to work on skills or to prepare for movements coming up in the next few workouts. We also use this time to talk about the day’s workout.

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